Xatśūll’s new Director of Finance is Sheila (Silva) Ananthan

Sheila (Silva) Ananthan joined Xatśūll First Nation as the new Director of Finance.

Ananthan is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), who prior to joining Xatśūll, B.C., has worked in the private and public sectors (federal and territorial) in every province and territory except Saskatchewan. In addition to her experience in finance, she has worked in health, education, social assistance and community infrastructure programs.

With finance, accounting, audit and tax as her core educational background, combined with her experience working in various programs, she is able to apply her knowledge and experience in supporting organizations across Canada in accomplishing their strategic objectives.

“So, it’s the ability to not only apply financial legislation, policies and procedures, while considering the impact and alignment with the organization’s strategic objectives which I believe are important in my new role.”
She says she chose to join Xatśūll based on three considerations.

“I did a bit of research and looked at Xatśūll’s strategic objectives for the next few years (the direction in which the Band wanted to go). Next, I looked at the resources and capacity of the Band to accomplish these goals (capacity). Finally, I met with the Chief and Band Administrator to have a chat and obtain an understanding of the desire of the community to work together in achieving the Band’s strategic objectives. After all that, I strongly felt that Xatśūll was in a really good position to succeed. I wanted to be part of Xatśūll’s journey to get there and am confident that the education and experience I bring to the position will allow me to contribute to this.”

A few weeks into the job, she says everything she felt and believed coming into the position has been validated. “Does Xatśūll, have the capacity and drive to succeed? Absolutely. The drive and passion are definitely there. Is there a plan? There is a vision, accompanied by the openness to adapt the plan when the need arises. I love the team and the community. Everyone respects and looks out for each other. Xatśūll, is a progressive First Nation and I am humbled by the opportunity of my role with the Band.”

Having worked and lived throughout Canada, she says the community has the look and feel of a northern community, yet has all the conveniences available to communities in more populated urban centres further south.
“There is definitely a lot of potential to accomplish great things!”