Our Band owns a number of businesses. Some of these businesses are operated independently, such as the Xatśūll Development Corporation. Others fall under the supervision of Community Economic Development and Employment, such as the Xatśūll Heritage Village and the Whispering Willows Campsite while some, such as Xatśūll Information Technology Services and Support and the Ranch report directly to the Band Administrator. The Community Economic Development and Employment Co-ordinator, at the direction of Chief and Council, also pursues new business opportunities and helps Members find employment.

Whispering Willows Campsite

The Whispering Willows Campsite offers a variety of camping options right off Highway 97. The site has full-service sites, partial service sites and un-serviced (tenting) sites. The campsite offers beautiful stone fireplaces and plenty of picnic tables. The facilities include full flush toilets and free hot showers. Some of the sites are cozily tucked in between the trees while others offer plenty of sunshine. A nearby creek offers some easy cooling off.


Xatśūll Heritage Village

Xatśūll First Nation invites people to this National Award-Winning Heritage Village to experience our spiritual, cultural and traditional way of life. The site has daily tours and you can take part in a variety of educational and recreational activities each day. The site is located on the edge of the Fraser River and offers stunning views. For a truly immersive experience, book authentic accommodation in a teepee or pit house with meals included if you book in advance. Learn more about Xatśūll through their storytelling which has been passed down from generation to generation.

Xatśūll Development Corporation

Established in 2001, Xatśūll Development Corporation, in “limited partnership” with the Xatśūll First Nation, is a business development company, focused on leveraging traditional First Nations territorial rights & title through developing, partnering/owning and managing sustainable and profitable business ventures. Based in the beautiful and “resource rich” Cariboo region of British Columbia, Xatśūll Development Corporation is actively involved in the area’s forestry, mining, oil & gas, transportation, construction, and agriculture sectors.


Xatśūll Mountain
House Ranch

The Ranch located just to the east of the Deep Creek Community is leased by Xatśūll First Nation from the British Columbia government. If Xatśūll members ratify a treaty agreement, ownership of the ranch would transfer to Xatśūll. The purchase of the ranch was completed in 2020. There are 1,74 hectares of deeded land, 113 hectares of additional pasture, more than 500 head of cattle and approximately 13,000 hectares of rangeland.


Manager of Economic Development

Looking for a job or training?

Community Economic Development & Employment can help you find a job, any applicable training that may be available and more. Don’t hesitate to reach out as we’re always happy to hear from members.