Xatśūll Heritage Village lookout being replaced

xatsull lookout
The lookout above the Xatsull Heritage Site is being replaced.

DEEP CREEK, B.C., JULY 27, 2020 – The iconic lookout overlooking the Xatśūll Heritage Village is being replaced.
“People come from a long way away to look down at the heritage village and the beautiful Fraser River from there,” says Cheryl Chapman, economic development and employment co-ordinator for SCIB.
The total project is expected to cost about $25,000. Of that, $5,000 came from the Cariboo Regional District with the rest coming from community development funding through the SCIB.
The work is being done by Darren Russell, Dave Pop and Barry Beaulieu who are all community members, says Chapman.
The intent is for the project to be complete in a week but that will depend on a number of factors such as the supplies coming in and favourable weather.
Chapman says they’re not just looking to replace the deck boards but also some of the logs.
“When the logs settle, they crack so the logs kind of fill with water. That’s made it not totally unsafe but it was starting to get soft.”
The decking boards will also be replaced with 2x6s from what were 2x4s.
“So it’s going to be way sturdier and stronger than it is right now.”
Chapman says she’s looking forward to taking new pictures from the lookout.
The public is asked to slow down while the work is ongoing and not to climb out onto the lookout.
The deck had been closed for repairs for some time.


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