Xatśūll – Cmetēm to launch environmental services business this fall with Terra Archeology

Soda Creek Indian Band (SCIB or Xatśūll) and Terra Archaeology have established a partnership and are formalizing it by ways of a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) this fall. The LLP will be a majority Xatśūll First Nation owned business that provides archaeology, cultural heritage, lands management, and environmental services in the Nation’s territory.
“This is an exciting step forward for Xatśūll,” says Kukpi7 (Chief) Sheri Sellars. “Xatśūll regularly contracts companies for environmental and archeological services. This means money and opportunities were leaving the community. By forming this LLP, there’ll be better opportunities for Band Members and more in-house knowledge. We’re keen to enter into this new relationship with Terra Archeology.”
The LLP will have a mandate to provide jobs, training, and economic development opportunities to Xatśūll First Nation members. By establishing a Xatśūll First Nation majority-owned company, the community will have greater oversight and participation when projects are proposed and built in the territory.
Terra Archeology owner Kevin Twohig says he’s looking forward to a closer relationship with Xatśūll.
“This is a big step for Terra Archeology. The LLP will help us to continue to grow and offer our clients a wider range of services. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve in combination with Xatśūll – Cmetēm.”
We’re currently searching for a name and logo for this new business, says Natural Resource Manager Edna Boston, who thanks Alex Fanni for helping Xatśūll get to this point.
Xatśūll is offering two $500 prizes: one for the winning logo and one for the winning name.
To enter, submit your entries by October 13 to communications@xatsull.com. The contest is open to Band and Community Members.

Xatśūll – Cmetēm to launch environmental services business this fall with Terra Archeology (PDF)