REMINDER: We have an open air fire bylaw

With us heading into “burning season” we’d like to remind community members that there is a by-law for open-air fires in the community that requires the application for a permit for any fire unless the fire:
(a) is not subject to a Fire Ban under paragraph 13 of this Bylaw;
(b) is no larger than two metres in diameter and one meters high;
(c) is contained within a non-combustible container or pit specifically designed for Open Air Fires;
(d) is under close control and supervision by a responsible person at all times;
(e) is at least 150 metres away from any neighbouring homes;
(f) does not interfere with the ability of neighbours to enjoy their properties or conduct their business without disruption;
(g) does not disrupt adjacent roadways;
(h) does not include any materials prohibited under paragraph 12;
(i) is completely extinguished after use; and
(j) is otherwise safe.