The Ranch is a first of its kind agreement between First Nations and the B.C. Government. The latter bought the ranch and is leasing it to Xatśūll and the lands would be transferred to Xatśūll if a Treaty is ratified. Xatśūll is currently operating the ranch and has hired two experienced staff to do so. Additionally, a standing committee has been struck to help with the higher level ranch functions.

About the ranch

The ranch is made up of 3,840 acres of deeded land, 280 acres of additional pasture and over 13,000 acres of range tenure. Those lands would be transferred from the province to Xatśūll if all parties agree to a Treaty. Over 1,200 acres on the ranch are hay-producing. The acquisition was made as part of the NStQ treaty negotiation process and helps to address ranching tenures impacted by proposed treaty settlement lands.


Cattle, equipment and more

The cattle and the equipment on the ranch are owned by Xatśūll and not leased, unlike the ranch and the land the ranch is on.

Looking to the future, we’re aiming for the ranch to offer training opportunities for members as well as a source of employment.


Willie Twan
Cow Boss


Richard Branch
Farm Foreman