Ranch update presented to Xatśūll Chief and Council

The Feb. 24 Chief and Council meeting included an update on the ranch.
Perhaps most notable for the community, ten cows were slaughtered for local food security. The cows selected were found “open” (not pregnant) following pregnancy testing. They were primarily turned into hamburger and stew meat which was distributed to the community. The food bank still has some available.
On a different note, the ranch has recently received results for ten soil and eight forage samples. After the results are reviewed, it will be determined if any changes to feeding are necessary. The ranch is also reinforcing an existing pen that will then serve as a temporary bullpen until a permanent bullpen can be completed.
Ranch staff have made substantial progress with their financial responsibilities though some additional training is still needed in other areas.
The ranch is also in the process of transferring from the temporary structure set up following acquisition to a more permanent business plan which is required to obtain the final payment from the province.
“We’re excited to see all the progress and recent developments at the ranch and are looking forward to see it continue to thrive,” says Kúkpi7 Sheri Sellars.