New storage area constructed at compound

A new storage shed has been built at the compound. In the winter season, it will be used for road sand which has a lot of salt in it. Summer use is still to be determined.
“In the past, we’ve used tarps and that doesn’t work. The moisture gets into it and saturates the sand and it doesn’t work,” says Infrastructure Manager Dennis Elliott, adding that it costs money to go back and forth to Williams Lake and fill up the sand truck as opposed to getting a dump truck to bring out one or two big loads for the whole season.
A tin shed was considered too flimsy and the prices quoted by local contractors for a wood frame structure was higher than the log structure that was built.
A big thank you goes out to Efficient Log Cabins who offered a great deal and completed the work, says Elliott, adding that he hopes Xatśūll will work with them again in the future. A roof and staining will be completed in the next few weeks.