New counsellor services available at Xatśūll

Bill McGinnis is now offering counselling at Xatśūll once a week.
“I came from the Cariboo Friendship Society. I was working there for 13 years as a mental health counsellor. I started contracting through Three Corners Health in September.”
Through Three Corners Health, he’s also going out to Williams Lake First Nation and Dog/Canoe Creek.
Services include general counselling for ages 16 and up, though he’s fairly flexible on that since he’s worked with youth before, for everything from trauma to grief, addictions, anxiety and everything in between.
“It doesn’t have to be clinical counselling either, but can be just an initial meet and greet and chat and feel each other out kind of thing.”
McGinnis has a Master’s Degree in clinical counselling and a Bachelor’s in psychology and philosophy.
“Coming from working with the Cariboo Friendship Society. I really enjoy culture and I’m super excited to be out here working in the community. That’s something that I wanted to keep going through my counselling career and I’m just excited to be out here.”
People can set up an appointment at the Health Department with Maxine Sellars.
There are also appointments available in Williams Lake on Thursdays and Fridays through his private office if they want something more private or simply if it’s more convenient.
Services are available to community members and members who live away from the community.

New counsellor services available at Xatśūll (PDF)