Candidate platforms for the May 11 election

Kelly Sellars

Hello all Soda Creek band members, my name is Kelly Sellars. I am a Soda Creek band member and a former councillor member.  I live in my home at Deep Creek for the last 30 years with my wife Jeannine and our three wonderful children that are now all grown adults.  Both of my sons are working and my daughter has just finishing her third year of nursing.

I started out my working career in the forestry industry as a skidder operator; over the twenty years that I was doing this I received experience in all the aspects of the logging industry.  I even had the opportunity to be a partnership in an owned logging company.  I then moved on to working at Gibraltar Mine for eleven years, operating heavy equipment.  This job brought me closer to home where I could go back to my roots of farming the traditional land that my Dad had left me.  Over the years I have had the opportunity to receive a lot of experience in many different fields of work; I have sat as an elected councillor for the band for the previous six years.  Learning and engaging with the community on personal and political issues.

I believe with the life experiences and knowledge that I have to offer the community, I would make a good candidate for the upcoming elected seat of councillor.  I have a heartfelt love for the people of our community.  With this I desire for everyone to prosper in the community with good paying jobs.  I am also a strong believer in our title and rights to land resources and economic growth, but we must as a nation protect these resources and make sure that things are done safely.  We are stewards of the land and need to voice our concerns of malpractices, etc.  There are a lot of things in the political world that are changing fast and we as a community need to be aware of this and be able to stand together for the benefit of our people.

I have a strong voice and an open mind for what the people of our community want.  I am willing to express this if you’re willing to consider me for this term of councillor representing you.

Yours Sincerely,

Kelly Sellars

Joanne Phillips

My name is Joanne Phillips, I am the daughter of Ralph and Minnie Phillips. I raised six children to value their education and know the importance of hard work. I am interested in running for Council because I want to bring a sense of community back to Soda Creek. I want to be an advocate for change within the community.

I have an extensive knowledge of the inner workings of the community. I have participated in many initiatives myself, including; housing, education, health programs and running the Xatśūll Heritage Village. For years, I sat as a voluntary member of committees that have been a benefit to our community in many ways. I am also a Board Member for the Three Corners Health Services Society. I have worked for Gibraltar Mine for the past 9 years. I started as a XDC Contractor, specializing in environmental reclamation, and I am now employed by the mine as an Environmental Water Technician. I have had the ability to work with an award-winning reclamation crew at both Gibraltar and in the past, Mount Polley. I am now working alongside my son ensuring the mine is adhering to their environmental policies.

I have also had the importance of our cultures and traditions instilled in me by my parents and they are doing the same with my children and grandchildren. In the past year of assisting with the care of my parents I have come to realize; we need to ensure the simplest needs of our members are met and that we can assist them in some way.

Our resources need to be put towards employing our own members and developing their skills and abilities while we work towards being fully self-governed. When we developed the health transfer process, I provided my knowledge and voice on how we can better support health and education programs to be delivered at the community level. I know that we need more and am willing to work with the community, staff, and council to better our living experiences on and off-reserve. We need to establish priorities for our members and need to have leadership who sole focus is to provide for our future generations.

Pat Sellars

Well hello to all the people of Xats’ull First Nation

My name is Pat Sellars , my parents are the late Gilbert Sellars and Doreen Sellars

I am running for the councilor seat that is coming up in the next election. It will be for the full four year term, which I am very excited for.

The direction that I see the Band going right is now is in a very positive direction.

First of all,  establishing our 10 year Strategic plan, and then the inclusion of membership by having them observe our Council Meetings through Zoom. It is good to hear and see our members as we make decisions.

It feels like we still need to add a few more things to plan, but for me it’s a real learning process

I would like to say with the Ranch ,it looks like it is going to be good venture, we have a band member working up there now which is a start.

Then we have construction of the building at the campsite and making of different timber projects and the same time, with band members being employed.

This one of the many reason I want to run for council again, to start to see the growth of our First Nations

We have so many different opportunities out there that I am coming to realize

There is going to be so many different changes in the next 5 to 10 years for all First Nations

I  want to be part of this with Xats’ull First Nation

I feel that I am learning a lot with the short time I’ve been in the council seat I want this new challenge of doing this for 4 more years

I really feel strongly about this challenge that I am about to take, and I feel like I can take it head on!!

The saddest part about this crazy times is how hard it is not to visit my extended family ,but what I’ve learned over the years, is when we get tested like this it truly shows how strong First Nation people are!!

That’s why I want to take this challenge to be on council

I closing I would to thank all the people that voted for me In the bi election

I hope to see people come out to this election and cast there vote

Thank you to all Xats’ull First Nations band members

All my relations Pat Sellars