Ashish Koshy joins Xatśūll as hydroponics project manager

Ashish Koshy has joined the Xatśūll team as the project manager for the new hydroponics farm project. The project will be growing local produce.
Koshy has experience in the field from previous jobs, particularly with supply chain management and is excited about the project.
“I’m absolutely elated because I like the reason why this project is coming up. It’s a new system altogether when it comes to farming. It’s utilizing a lot of the space and resources properly. I think overall it’s a really positive step and I’m really excited to overlook the project.”
His first few months will be spent on acquiring the equipment and getting the system up and running.
Koshy is still fairly new to Williams Lake and looking forward to make new contacts and relationships as well as providing a solution for clients.
He says his reception within Xatśūll has been really positive.