First Nation Contract Police Services Dialog

Public Safety Canada is planning to engage with First Nations communities and organizations across the country on the topic of contract policing as it relates to First Nations community safety and wellness priorities. These sessions will be virtual, held on Zoom to allow for wider and easier participation.

The Regional Contract Policing Engagement Session for British Columbia is planned for September 26, 2023 at 10:00 AM PST – 1:00 PM PST. Please register here to attend the session: 

Please do forward this invitation to colleagues and community members that you believe would like to be in attendance. We would be delighted to see as many participants as possible at these important conversations.

Kuwinguu-neewul Engagement Services is working with Public Safety Canada on an important engagement about the contract policing services that the RCMP provides. The RCMP is contracted to provide front-line policing services to assist all provinces and territories (except Ontario and Quebec), and 155 municipalities across Canada in the exercise of their responsibility for policing. These contract services include the provisions of policing services to 538 First Nation communities. First Nations receiving policing services from the RCMP receive these services through either the Provincial, Territorial or Municipal Police Service Agreements.

These agreements are set to be renewed in 2032, and Public Safety Canada is taking a proactive approach to hearing the interests, concerns, best practices, and policing visions of all of its partners and stakeholders ahead of that renewal date. As part of these important conversations, the RCMP would like to hear from Indigenous communities and nations across the country regarding their policing needs and begin to discuss future objectives.

Public Safety Canada has previously undertaken engagements related to co-development of First Nations police services legislation. In recognition of the overlap in themes and that many partners may have participated in this co-development engagement process, the feedback related to contract policing in that context will be reflected. These discussions are not meant to duplicate engagement on either the co-development of police services legislation or the FNIPP, but rather seek views in the context of the contract policing program.